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Our mission is to Teach, Inspire and Encourage our community

We are ordinary people in your community coming together to do extraordinary things::

  • Developing programs that help each member gain the knowledge of sport, the opportunity to improve skills while emphasizing good sportsmanship and citizenship.
  • Providing leagues and events that will promote physical activity, community and camaraderie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students will learn life and leadership experiences that are worthy of future employment. They also gain a perspective on coaching, training and teaching as well as an appreciation for community, self and family.

There is always room in our big tent. You can be a coach or help us with events, fundraising and be part of the miracle in the making. Get in touch with our team.

We prioritize your dedication and steadfastness to the program over the ease of attending or participating when it's convenient for you. We believe that the success of our program relies on participants who are genuinely committed to their development and the goals of the program. This commitment extends to attending all scheduled sessions, actively engaging in training and activities, and contributing positively to the team and community.