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Athletes who completed our SNYB program and/or are at the competitive level, can join our Rep teams to compete against other Rep teams in the region. We have 3 representing teams: Boys U10/U11 DAREtoLOVE Soldiers Boys U13/U14 DAREtoLOVE Soldiers Girls U13 DAREtoLOVE Soldiers We believe that the athletes that make up our Rep teams are ambassadors of DAREtoLOVE and therefore are committed to reflecting the DARE virtues and the values of LOVE. It is by these virtues and values that we play with cause, honour and respect.  

Competitive Basketball (for ages 10 and older; 2 to 5 hours per week)

  • Focuses on continuous development
  • Dry-land training is introduced for speed, agility and conditioning
  • Continuous the Long-tern Athletic Development (LTAD) and progresses into Canada Sports for Life (CS4L)
  • Builds confidence, character and leadership
  • Progresses to house league and possible rep.

We are a community that believes building great athletes through virtues and values. That character development comes first to skill development.

" I want to be remembered as a great competitor and a great teammate" - Steve Nash

"I believe that the measure of a person's life is the effect they have on others" - Steve Nash


The DAREtoLOVE Creed

  1. I am a Basketball Soldier.

  2. The Soldier in me is discipline, with a positive attitude, who respects myself and others, and gives more than 100% effort in all I do. 

  3. I am a LOVE-ing Soldier.

  4. I listen to my parents, teachers and authority; and obey them.

  5. I will volunteer every day to serve others and I will lead others to do the same.  

  6. I will honour my club, coaches and community through my conduct and character.  

  7. When I am at my lowest I will be hopeful.  

  8. I will remember to be happy, thankful and faithful.

  9. When I am at my highest, I will be humble and will remember those who helped me.

  10. I will value the destination and embrace every moment of the journey;  

  11. I am not afraid to tackle the challenges before me and I will stand firm for what is right becauseā€¦

  12. I am a DAREtoLOVE Soldier.

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