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About Us

Our mission is to Teach, Inspire and Encourage our community.

We TIE Compassion, Appreciation, Responsibility and Enthusiasm in our activities. We promote growth and self-improvement through trials or triumphs, and provide ammunition to those tackling obstacles in life.

We are people from various ethnic backgrounds and from different walks of life tied together in one belief - to promote Discipline,Attitude, Respect and, Effort by listening, obeying and volunteering every day. We do this through the spirit of sport. We are ordinary people in your community coming together to do extraordinary things:

  • Developing programs that help each member gain the knowledge of sport, the opportunity to improve skills while emphasizing good sportsmanship and citizenship.
  • Providing leagues and events that will promote physical activity, community and camaraderie.

We CARE . We DARE . We LOVE . We TIE it altogether.

We spread the LOVE through DARE.


We DARE you to do the same.

Letter from Founder
Board of Directors
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